Extreme Table Tennis...finally!

ZINGPONG adds a serious new dimension to your existing table by attaching side brackets that once mounted, allow you to slide in the acrylic side panels, tighten the thumb screws and your ready to discover the ultimate in fast action coming at you from all sides! Once set up, standard Table Tennis rules apply with a few additions... 

-Use the panels at any time during play and bank shots at any angle. Slice little skimmer shots off the panels along the tables edge or hit radical cross table banks that are most deceptive and challenging to return.

-You can serve off the panels providing the ball clears the service line in your opponents court. This prevents an extreme double wall angle serve that is close to unreturnable. However, a double wall shot during play is most legal...and lethal.

-The Power Paddles that are included are made of acrylic and have a sponge rubber grip which keeps this game lightening fast and allows you to crush shots at blurring speeds.


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Click on youtube search for "Ping Pong Zing Pong Extreme" to see some amateur action!