Extreme Table Tennis...finally!

It starts with the inovative products manufactured by Zing Pong Products, Inc....

The game itself comes complete with 2 Power Paddles, 2 acrylic side panels, 4 metal

mounting brackets, service line tape, all necessary hardware and the all important manual

showing you not only how to assemble, but how to play, and then how to destroy your

opponent on the other side of the net.....still up for it?

The heartbeat of Zing Pong comes from the Power Paddle. The play is lightening fast

and offers spin aborting capabilities as your ball smokes off the vinyl screened acrylic

paddle face. Your speed is slowed only by your conscience to extend mercy to your

opponent as you deliver your decisive blows coming from so many angles that their

only hope is to practice until domination reigns supreme....not scared yet?....Stay with us!

Here is an upclose and personal view of the mounted panel. As you can see, once the

universal bracket is mounted, a quick turn of the thumb screw allows the panels to release

so the table can be folded up and stored. We have a feeling though, that once you breathe

Zing Pong into your table, there won't be much storage going on!

Ever get tired of chasing errant balls in the heat of play? No worries....just reach under your

table edge and grab a quick replacement from the Ball-O-Matic ball dispenser...another Zing

Pong Product exclusive to keep your game on!

Of course, all periphery products as well as the game itself are available in retail packaging.

The only question you have left to answer is..."Where can I get it?"  Be patient my friends,

good things come to those who wait....